Edge of the World


On December 28, 2020 seven souls will fly to Chile, where they will cycle a solid month to the tip of Argentina. This ain’t just South America, this is the famous Carretera Austral–one of the top 10 routes in the world!

Packed with icy glaciers, rugged peaks, shimmering lakes, and fierce winds . . . it’s a paradise of insanity!

Straight up, this is reserved for those who seek to radically redefine their lives.

Do you want to rip down barriers? Shred fear and inhibition? Leap over walls and suck the marrow out of life?

Then nab your slot. Because when you return from this 1,500-mile torture chamber you will SHRED every niggling negative thought and EXPLODE with power.

There’s only 7 slots. Are you in?

Once in a lifetime you experience a journey so profound
it defines the rest of your life.

This is that journey.