Edge of the World


On December 28, 2018 seven souls will fly to Chile, where they will cycle a solid month through the wilds of South America to the tip of Argentina. When they reach Ushuaia, the southernmost village in the world, they will look back in awe to see they’ve become far more than explorers and adventurers; they’ve become heroic.

They will push the edge so often it will vanish—and they will fly. They will challenge their fears so often they will wax fearless—and become mighty. They will rip away weakness so often they will rise in strength—and burst with power.

Through it all they will have traversed the famous Carretera Austral, hailed as the last remote wonder of the world. Along this renowned route they will pass icy blue glaciers, pristine mountain lakes, wondrous forests, and villages so small they hardly make a dot on the map.

Most wondrous of all, though, will be the calm fire in their souls. Their spirits will glow with enlightenment. Their honed bodies will glisten with strength. Their sharpened minds will feel the razor’s edge.

They will dare to live a life others only dream. And never again will we feel the snares of conformity and silence, but will breathe a power and energy reserved for the gods.

Once in a lifetime you experience a journey so profound
it defines the rest of your life.

This is that journey.