Leadership Odyssey

To be extraordinary, you’ve got to do what nobody else is doing.

Are you being TRAINED or DEVELOPED

Training follows directions.
Development lights a fire.

Discover your own unique brand of leadership through a journey that will test body, mind and spirit. Instead of holing up in a hotel, you’ll dive into a foreign world that demands complete engagement. This builds leadership skills most programs miss: innovation, problem-solving, deep trust, and smart risk—all in real time with instant impact.

The journey undergoes three phases.  It begins with intensive pre-trek training that involves reading, writing, photography, and glorious miles of pre-trek cycling.  It proceeds to the actual journey site, where for 11 days we live as explorers of old: crawling 500 miles across Mother Earth on the back of a bike and living (mostly) out of a tent.  Every day we journal, photograph, discuss, and learn new strategies for developing and executing a powerful vision.  Then it concludes with post-trek projects that solidify the lessons gained and transfer them into our post-trek world.

Through it all we adhere to the 8 pillars of leadership development:

#1: Development occurs beyond the norm.
#2: Development focuses on people.
#3: Development tests courage.
#4: Development is transformational.
#5. Development creates a new future.
#6. Development catalyzes innovation.
#7. Development explores the unknowns.
#8. Development expands influence.

You’ll discover profound physical endurance, and deep emotional courage.

Not just on mountain passes or grueling weather, but through a whole string of crazy “little” things you don’t think about: calculating exchange rates on the fly, deciphering languages, trusting strangers, yielding to the journey. It’s tough, exhilarating, and wild. And when you emerge on the other end, you can tackle the world. It’s not incremental. For those daring to venture, it’s transformational.

Are you being developed?

Upcoming Trip

Austria, May 2018

Enrollment closes January 2018

Deep Adventure

I was promised it would change me as a leader. It absolutely did that and much more.

Deep Growth

"I’ve become tenacious. Before I wasn’t finishing, but now I’m finishing."

Deep Influence

"The Way of the Hero trek…has done more for my ability to lead and empower others than any other work I have done."