Leadership Odyssey

The extraordinary go where nobody else is going.

Awaken your higher purpose through deep adventure

Discover your own brand of leadership. Take a journey that will test body, mind and spirit.

The journey undergoes three phases.  We begin with intensive pre-trek training.  Then we advance to the actual journey, where for 11 days we live as explorers of old.  Finally we return with post-trek projects that galvanizes the experience and transfers its deep lessons into our post-trek world.

7 Gateways to the Adventure Mindset.

#1: Vision — accessing the untapped powers of the cosmos through daily envisioning.
#2: Risk — deep play that willingly disrupts our inner and outer worlds.
#3: Simplicity — ultimate freedom by letting go of what no longer serves.
#4: Flow — like a Jedi, sensing and channeling the energies that surround us.
#5. Endurance — strength that comes by changing your challenges into allies.
#6. Fusion — living horizons without inhibition and empowering others to the same.
#7. Compassion — inclusion that honors and liberates by learning to listen right.

You’ll discover deep spiritual awareness, and the fire of endurance.

Not just on mountain passes or grueling weather, but through a whole string of crazy “little” things you don’t think about: calculating exchange rates on the fly, deciphering languages, trusting strangers, yielding to the journey. It’s tough, exhilarating, and wild. And when you emerge on the other end, you can tackle the world. It’s not incremental. For those daring to venture, it’s transformational.

Are you being developed?

Upcoming Trip

Spain & Morocco
Oct 2019

Enrollment closes January 2018

Deep Adventure

"I was promised it would change me as a leader. It absolutely did that and much more." T.H.

Deep Growth

"I’ve become tenacious. Before I wasn’t finishing, but now I’m finishing." J.H.

Deep Influence

"The Way of the Hero trek…has done more for my ability to lead and empower others than any other work I have done." H.H.