Riding a


Olympians and parents know this truth:

Struggling alone is like battling a headwind. You fight for every inch, and the struggle never ends.
Having a mentor is like riding a tailwind. You go twice as far, and finish the day on fire.

Do you know what you want?

Marilyn was a divorceé scraping to keep her family.

Aching for her I asked, “Would you be open to help?”

She lacked hope but agreed to try.

When I asked her to repeat positive and negative scripts to herself out loud, she started to sob.

“Shouldn’t it be easy to say the positive ones? But I can’t.”

After talking it through, I posed a question.

“What do you desire most?”

“I want to be loved.”

“Great!” I responded. “Get a puppy!”

She chuckled. “By a person.”

“Great! Grab your kids.”

Irritated she replied, “I mean a husband.”

“And what do you want in a husband?”

She couldn’t respond.  A week later she sent me a list…of all the traits she DIDN’T want.

“Okaaaaay,” I said.  “You’ve told me what you DON’T want, but I still don’t know what you want. What do you WANT?”

Perturbed she left. Two months later she sent me a second list. “THIS is what I want.”

Marilyn-TreeMiraculously, once she nailed down–with precision–what she desired, he appeared. Nine months later they married.

But she had to cut through the layers on layers of built up junk to prepare the way.

And what did she gain from it all?

“For me it’s priceless. It has given me my family. And I have just completed my adoption paperwork to make us a family. And there is no price you can put on that. …this is the most important thing ever.”

Why get mentored?

“Anyone that has a life would benefit from this. (Prior to this session) I was sacrificing too much of what I really loved for things that I thought I wanted.”H. B.

“Your great reputation among my peers helped me trust you as a guide and dream manager.”T. H.

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