A True Dream

Dreamers like you are driven to get started.
But some go 20 miles and find they’re on the wrong road!
First check the map.

One trick is slimming your desires to one. As thought leader Nido Qubein reminded us, “Nothing can add more power to your life than to concentrate all your efforts on a limited set of targets.”

Renowned author George Clason added, “Desires must be simple and definite. They defeat themselves if they are too many, too confusing, or beyond one’s training to accomplish.”

So how can you know? What secret code says the dream rattling in your heart is “THE ONE”?

Do you feel a CLASH?

Does your Dream both frighten and energize? Causing a HELL YEAH and a HOLY CRAP NO? Good. That’s the Dream Clash. Without it, your Dream’s too small.


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You see, dreams are designed to pull us off the couch and out the door—to places we wouldn’t normally go.
But the Dream Clash isn’t the only measuring stick. We also check it with the Dream Compass.

The DREAM COMPASS has 9 key points.

Authentic Dreams hit these points.

  1. It’s Disruptive—it throws normal life out of whack.
  2. It’s Inspiring—it awakens your highest self.
  3. It’s Immersive—it plunges you into another world.
  4. It Evokes Wonder—it provokes a deep sense of awe.
  5. It Demands Grit—it pushes your physical and spiritual edge.
  6. It’s Creative—it compels offbeat solutions.
  7. It’s Simple—it’s clear enough even a 3rd grader gets it.
  8. It’s Definite—it stamps a solid, not vague, destination.
  9. It’s Visionary—it paints an exalting picture that stirs action.


“Does yours fit?
Find out. Download the free Expert Dream Guide and let’s rock the world.”

~ Dr. Layne

“The transformation I feel has been profound.”Erik. S.